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The Incorporation of Division Intelligence in Accounting and Bookkeeping to Improve Accuracy and Efficiency.

The communion of computers only empowered accounting to new levels as it brought about good accounting softwares in the late years of 1980s. Computerized accounting involves the proper use of computer and accounting software to gather, record, store and analyze financial data. Ceterus provides clients with the “making work easier” technological lift that allows them to see side-by-side financial statements for all the franchise locations and they also benchmark your data against competitors in your franchise. All this can be done by the use of a software called Edge which allows you to have an intuitive view of the financial health of your businesses from anywhere in the world and consequently, to know where to invest your time and capital. Ceterus automated accounting also assures you with fast financials delivered in another comfort of your home in your computer or mobile device. With the franchise focused accounting team’s interest is able to provide you with continuous account reconciliations of which you don’t have to wait until the end of the month but you can easily see them as they happen regularly. This is a very pertinent issue as cybercrimes are on the rise in this modern computer is generation.

Ceterus assists you to get daily cash and daily sales information to keep tabs on how your financial position really is.

Computerized accounting and bookkeeping is very reliable because of the accuracy of the calculations which makes the preparation of financial statements with little or no questions about accuracy. Computerized accounting makes it easier for information access as different individuals are able to access financial information outside of the office security. This particular feature makes computerized accounting and bookkeeping scalable to the exponential potential business has to grow into many diverse ways. The use of computerized accounting systems ensures that there is fast-paced preparation of accounting statements. Current data is served in off-line locations which is far from any natural or man-made disasters like fires, floods, robbery, earthquakes and terrorist attacks. Computerized accounting and bookkeeping systems like Ceterus have very low subscription fees which at the end of the day have value for money than the use of paperwork. An investor can view the data in different charts and file formats of which analogue accounting data will only be limited to one or a few more. Automation eliminates many of the mundane and time-consuming processes associated with manual accounting like once issued, invoices are processed automatically making the accounting period to be reduced significantly.

With the growth of many complex businesses in the world due to technology, computerized accounting and bookkeeping seems to be the way to go to handle any sort of complex business environments that will be created in future.

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