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Disadvantages of Poorly Fitted Dentures

A number of people have been for the option of false teeth so as to maintain their appearance after the loss of natural teeth. People who lose their natural teeth should consider the option of replacing them with artificial teeth for the purpose of chewing and speaking properly. There are long term problems associated with loose artificial teeth thus the need for the users to make sure that they are well fitted all the time.

False teeth are made to fit the shape of the mouth of the specific individual. People get to have the shape of their mouth changing over time. The changes in the shape of the mouth cause the dentures to be loose. The false teeth can cause friction when they are not well fitted especially when the individual is speaking or chewing. The inflammation of the gums due to friction of the unfitting dentures is likely to cause them friction thus exposing them to infections. Its important for individuals who wear the artificial teeth to stop putting on them they note swelling of the gums.

People who keep on wearing unfitting false teeth are likely to develop oral blisters due to the friction. Unfitting dentures are likely to cause the users a lot of pain resulting from the oral blisters. The skin surrounding inside the mouth is likely to be worn out if the wearers of dentures continue their use even after the development of the oral blisters. Eating can be difficult for individuals with oral blisters. People can be able to minimize the chances of bacterial infections of the mouth if they stop the use of unfitting dentures to give time for the blisters to heal.

Unfitting dentures might result to the accumulation of saliva within the spaces between the gums and the dentures. The bacteria found within the human saliva can be harmful if left for a long time within the gums. Pooling of saliva within the spaces between the denture and the gums of an individual can lead to painful rushes in the mouth. Individuals with unfitting false teeth are likely to experience difficulties in speaking. Individuals with poorly fitted false teeth might find it difficult to pronounce some words.

People with loose dentures are likely to experience ear and headache problems. The loose dentures tend to put pressure on the jaws which result in headache. People who put on loose dentures are likely to experience a lot of pain when chewing. People are likely to experience a lot of pain by using loose dentures due to the misalignment of teeth. It’s the responsibility of the users of the false teeth to realize when their dentures become loose so as to get in place the right plans for their replacement. Individuals requiring deeper understanding on the demerits of loose dentures should view this website.