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8 Epic Golf Courses You Must Play in Your Lifetime

You have to create time to make your dreams become a reality. For most golfers they love spending time on the greens. The well cut lawn and competition makes one smile. It is the wish of every golfer to play of golf course that pros do. There are golf courses that you need to consider before you die. You cannot play on all the available golf courses in the world. However, there are some golf courses that you cant miss. Keep reading to know 8 epic golf courses to try out.

Augusta National Golf Club is considered to be a place that is iconic. The greens are incredible and exclusive. Membership is important for you to get into Augusta. However, also with the right connections, you will be able to get in.

Pebble Beach Golf Links is known for the rich history it has in golf. Pebble Beach Golf Links has a great history of golf. You are able to play alongside the incredible Pacific Ocean. You will be a part of the rich history if you have cash. You may have to pay about five hundred dollars for the 18 holes.

Royalty County Down Golf Club is referred as one of the best clubs in entire Europe. You will enjoy the Irish countryside. You cannot call yourself a golf fan unless you teed off on the Emerald Isle. The rich history is because of the tricky par threes.

Ocean Course found in Kiawah Island has a great view if the ocean side There are no obstructions of the Atlantic Ocean It is increasingly becoming a popular course in America. Ocean Course is the previous host of two PGA tournaments and also the upcoming 2021 championship.

Arnold Palmers Bay Hill Club And Lounge is the golf legend of all time. It is one of the best greens and clubs after The King bought it in 1976 and reformed it. You need to be a member of the exclusive 70 Room lounge club. You will be required to pay $15,000 to be a member. Dont expect to play here if you cannot afford it.
Old Course, Saint Andrews has earned a great name. You need to play where the sport was born for you to experience golf. It is the oldest golf course in the world It is open to the public. There are long lines before you get a tee so expect to wait.

Another golf course is the Pinehurst Number 2, Pinehurst Resort and you can check it out. There are nine courses but Pinehurst number 2 is the best. It was built in 1907 was perfected by Scotsman Donald Ross for 50 years. Harbour Town Golf Links is a course that fans think of the iconic candy cane striped lighthouse that is behind the 18th hole.