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What Are The Ingrown Toenails Symptoms

Anyone who has experienced ingrown toenail knows the pain that comes with it, this is because a pointed side corner of the nail usually grow inside the delicate skin tissue that cause a lot of pain. The ingrown toenails is usually more common on the big toe but can also occur on other toe nails too, if not treated immediately when found it may cause a lot of pain. Finding out that you have an ingrown toe nail should not be very hard since you will probably see it and feel it too, this is because it mostly affects the outer corner of the toe.

Most clear symptom is redness on the part of the toe that is in contact with the skin, one may also feel some warmth after touching that area. Swelling is another bad symptom of ingrown toenail, usually the e toenail is swollen and very tender. Swelling may mean that you have an infection on the area of the toe and it may also affect other parts of the foot.

When you see blood or pus in your toenail it means that you have an ingrown toe nail that is also infected, mostly this happens because you have left the ingrown toenail unattended to for so long and should seek medical attention immediately. Overgrown skin is a symptom of an ingrown toenail, it causes the affected area to protrude and it will look uneven and the skin will also be very well up. A very obvious symptom of ingrown toenail is unbearable pain, this will also affect you in that you wont be able to walk with your shoes on and cant touch or let anything touch the affected area.

People should make sure that they treat the ingrown toenail immediately to avoid too much complication later on and extra treatment costs. Using over the counter medicines, lemon wedges and also soaking your feet in water can be a great way of treating ingrown toenail at home. Seeking professional advice is a good option especially if the infection has gone too far, the professionals usually give oral medicine if the infection is not so bad but they can also opt to cut the affected area in other cases.

For one to avoid getting ingrown toenails, they should make sure to groom their nails more frequently to avoid such problems from occurring. One thing that everyone should keep in mind is that ill-fitting footwear can cause ingrown toenails, also growing your toe nails too long can cause the problem and it is good to ensure one keeps their nails well trimmed as this article shows.