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The Importance of Installing Exhaust Fans in Your Home

Somehow, we take exhaust fans for granted. We know that our exhaust fans are important and that they help to keep the air inside the room fresh and clean. Aside from keeping the air clean and fresh, we don’t know anything else about it.

Exhaust fans actually do a lot of other things that we don’t really see. Smoke is cleared in the kitchen and the smell of food is easily taken away because the exhaust fan is working. Now, just imagine that your kitchen did not have any exhaust fan, do you know what will happen?

If steam does not escape from your kitchen, it will condense on your cupboards and walls leaving moisture that encourages the growth of mold and mildew. Another thing that you will observe is that you kitchen will start to smell of different kinds of food and the smoke and oil will begin to stain your walls. This is not something that we have imagined not having an exhaust fan in the kitchen. But there are more. Soon the vegetables that are out like your potatoes, onions, etc. will start rotting quickly due to the presence of too much moisture in the air.

Similarly, your fan exhaust does not only take the odor away. The constant use of water will increase the humidity in your bathroom. When this humidity goes throughout your house, you wood work can get damaged. Fungus and mildew will also be observed everywhere.

Now we see why exhaust fans are important to our kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure that your exhaust fan ducts are placed outside the house. There will be a moisture pool inside if the duct is blocked or if the duct does not terminate outside the outside. This can cause water damage to the surrounding areas. A malfunctioning exhaust fan in the bathroom will encourage molds to grow on your walls, peel paint or wallpaper, will have marks of moisture on your roof and tiles, frost on your widows, rust on your shower head and other fixtures that are made of metal.

Your garage also needs an exhaust fan. Garage exhaust fans are not used all the time but they are just as important as exhaust fans used in the bathroom and kitchen. Many things are stored in our garages with our car. If you keep items in the garage like textiles and wood, then if there is moisture, molds will be encouraged to grow in them. Health problems in your home can be caused by breathing spores in. It can cause asthma and allergies in children and fungal infections in adults. Installing an exhaust fan in your garage can help eliminate molds.

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