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Tips to Help You Improve the Dog and Cat Relationship in Your House

In case you have dogs and cats under your roof you will most likely agree with the fact that they have a love and hate relationship. Fortunately, giving up either the kitty or dog is not the only solution to your problems at home. Since there are numerous ways that can help you bolster the bond between your cat and the dog in your house. Here are some of the tips that will help you improve the relationship between the two.

Dog Training Is the First Thing That You Should Do

It is a fact that one can train both the dog and the cat. Nevertheless, it is harder to train a cat than it is to train a dog. Most of the time relationship problems between cats and dogs comes as a result of improper behavior on the part of the dog. It is important that you coach your dog to be authoritative if they behave in such a manner regularly. You can opt to hire a dog trainer if you do not want to train your dog on your own.

Create Some Private Space for Your Cat

Cats do love to have their own private space. It is because of this that there are plenty of YouTube videos showing cats creeping into enclosed spaces. You, therefore, need to create a secluded space that can only be accessed by your cat. This secluded place can either be in your closet or living room and should have many cat toys like scratch towers and balls of strings.


Your cat and dog need to familiarize themselves with the habits and smell of each other. The only easy way of doing this is by permitting both your cat and dog to snort each others sleeping pads and toys.

Fend off the Litter Box

When going about their business, cats do hide from prying eyes. As such, you need to hide the litter box from the dog.

Create Different Eating Times

Where you have a cat that likes feeding either on top of the dining table or out of the house then you need to consider these preferences. Also, ensure that they do not drink water from the same bowl. By doing this, you will be ensuring that your cat does not munch on your dogs nibbles and vice versa.

Take Your Dog for a Run

For your dog to stay happy and healthy you need to take them out for workouts. Taking your dog for practices will reduce chances of both pets wrangling later on.

Oddity Matters

The bond that your cat and dog will have is sometimes dependent on the breed of the dog. For instance, it is hard for a teacup Yorkie to connect better with your cat than a labradoodle will do. Click here to learn more about the different personalities animals have.

Thus you can form a healthy cat and dog bond in your home. If you put each animals personality into consideration. This post will help you learn more about general cat behavior.