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Best Scuba Diving Sites in Thailand

The act of diving underwater with the help of a diving apparatus is known as scuba-diving. The word scuba is the short form of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. The breathing apparatus has a can which contains compressed air. The can is strapped at the back of the diver. The regulator supplies oxygen to the scuba diver. Scuba diving can either be done professionally or for recreational purposes. Rescuers, military officers and scientists perform scuba diving professionally. This article is exclusively on scuba diving for recreational purposes. Thailand is one of the countries in the world which has many scuba diving spots. When on a tour in Thailand, you should visit the following scuba diving places.

The Surin Islands is a famous Thailand scuba diving spot. The water is clear therefore you will be able to view a lot of fish. The Surin Islands are good for scuba diving since they are located in the remote areas therefore, only a few tourists visit this sites which makes it unspoiled. The vast coral reef has been able to maintain its good look as a result of conservation. In February, March, and April, you can spot a shark in this site.

Another famous Thailand scuba diving site is King Cruiser Wreck. This site is found in Phuket. The name originated from the wreck of the King Cruiser car and passenger ferry which sunk on 4th May 1997. The anemone reef in this site which attracts a lot of divers resulted to the sinking of King Cruiser ferry. Since the wreck still remains submerged, it offers a good view of the interior and exterior.

Shark Point is another famous Thailand scuba diving site. The Shark Point is just a few kilometers from Phuket. The name “Shark” in Shark Point should not prevent you from going for scuba diving in this site. Shark Point has friendly sharks such that you can get close to them. You will never forget how you swam with the leopard sharks in Shark Point. You cannot explore the whole of Shark Point in one day.

The famous Anemone Reef scuba diving site is also found in Thailand. Although this site is a nightmare to sailors, it is good for scuba diving. The Anemone reef is a submerged rock which protrudes from the seabed. You will also view the anemone which seems to be moving. In Anemone Reef, you will be able to have a close view of tuna and other types of fish.

Finally, Koh Dok Mai is also a famous scuba diving site. Koh Dok Mai is a small island, therefore, you can explore it entirely within a day.

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