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The Cool Keyboards You Need To Consider

Every individual spends a massive amount of time typing, whether one is a student preparing a school paper, an employee making a document for work, or one is having a fun project during their personal time. Even when you are among the best typers around the globe, clicking 216 words per minute, it is easy to get bored by using the same old keyboard. Everyone needs something a bit more fun, such as these fantastic keyboards that you need to consider if you are serious about typing.

Although an average mechanical keyboard will be satisfying, when push comes to shove, one will want the click and clack that comes with the old-school typewriter. However, if you are looking to get the best of the two worlds, you will have the ideal choice in the form of Qwerkywriter keyboard. The keyboard is one of the most cost-effective and efficient models available, and it will cost you $259 before tax.

If you are in the market looking for fun keyboards, you will have some options, but the choice that stands out is Tap strap. You will be able to type with this keyboard while wearing it around your fingers, just as the name suggests. The device comes with sensors that make it possible to type anywhere when you have a device. One can expect to take time before they can understand how to use the device efficiently, and this keyboard is also not one of the most accurate gadgets. When you are eager to find out more about this device, check out Gadget Flow and their take on the device.

When you have complaints about using keyboard without lasers, you have some choices. The AGS Virtual keyboard will not only use the laser technology, but it also uses Bluetooth connection to ensure that you can turn any flat surface into a keyboard, and this helps make your virtual office entirely virtual. The battery life of this keyboard isnt the best, but that is a small cost to pay to use literal lasers for writing.

One doesnt have a more beautiful keyboard to purchase when in the market for one than Seafarer, which is more of a centerpiece than a keyboard. The keyboard has a cast brass design and beautiful map-style artwork beneath the keys.

When you have spent much of your day at work or school, you will want to sit back and unwind some games, but this experience will be incomplete without the best gaming gear. The Razor Huntsman Elite is a premier gaming keyboard which comes with backlit keys as well as optomechanical keys to speed up the keystrokes.

When one wants to customize their experience, it is possible to build your own PC, if you check out our guide here.