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Going on Vietnam Adventure Tours

When it comes to Vietnam, what immediately comes to mind will be wars because of its rich history. And yet, there is more to Vietnam than just being a place where battles and war happen. If you are thinking of going on an adventure trip, truly, going on Vietnam adventure tours is a great option. A perfect mix of rich culture and breathtaking terraces and highlands, diverse island landscapes, and pristine beaches is just one of the reasons why going to Vietnam should be one on your bucket list. Here are some pro tips to taking Vietnam adventure tours if you want to make your 1 week in Vietnam or even 2 weeks in Vietnam worth it.

If you must travel to Vietnam, you can do so in two ways. You may go through Saigon if you must be heading north or you can land by plane in Hanoi when you want to go south. You can easily move around the country using domestic flights, trains, or buses. The peak season for a northern Vietnam visit will be during the months of May through October that is the summertime since wintertime can be both gloomy and cold. On the other hand, if you want to visit the southern portion of the country, then December to April are the best months as this is a dry season.

Vietnam is home to several sites and views that you just cannot help but want to explore. To kick off your adventure in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, you can begin to explore Hoan Kiem Lake that is known as the Lake of the Restored Sword. Aside from the rich history that this lake comes with, it is also an amazing view that has got tourists wanting to check it out every time they visit this country. Once you go to the northeast portion of Hanoi that is more or less 165 kilometers, you can then check out the Ha Long Bay. You can find it in a long coast line that is 120 kilometers in length that then translates to Bay of Descending Dragons. When it comes to tourists, this is one of the best attractions to check out. For every island that the thousand islands Ha Long Bay comes with, you can find a rich seascape of limestone pillars as well as a rich jungle vegetation. In some islands that are hollow, there you can find caves that are gigantic. All these reasons and more make this location worthy of its label of being an UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you want to be cruising the bay, you can choose from different Vietnam tour packages there are.

You may also want to explore the Chinese border that is located in the northwest portion of Vietnam that is called the Fansipan Mountain that peaks at 3,143 meters and in deemed in all of Indochina as the highest peak. Between the Fansipan mountain and Sa Pa town, you can also explore the Sa Pa rice terraces that are among the Muong Hoa Valley. You can check out Vietnam adventure tours that offer hikes.

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